Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Holmes Realty?

Holmes Realty is a residential REALTOR that offers a flat fee listing program designed for the home owner who wants to save money.  For $500 (plus $100 for use of our key lockbox), a homeowner can list their home for sale on MLS and as though they had listed it with a full-priced (usually 6%) traditional agent.  We even offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

What is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

MLS is a huge database of all of the homes for sale in a particular area that are listed by REALTORS.  MLS is only accessible by REALTORS and usually the first and only search engine or database that a Buyer's Agent will use when looking for homes for his or her Buyer.  The Houston MLS covers the majority of the greater Houston area.  When a home is listed on the MLS, all REALTORS get notification of the home's listing, and that it is for sale.

How important is getting my home listed in MLS?

Critical!!!  Approximately 86% of homes are sold through the MLS.  It is probably the most important tool in selling your home.  When a home is listed on the MLS, you are, in a sense, hiring the services of over 20,000 REALTORS in the Houston area.

Do I pay a commission if an agent brings me a Buyer?

Yes, typically a 3% commission is paid to the Buyer's agent.

Do I have to pay a Buyer's Agent the 3% commission?

Yes and No.  Although it is not required, it defeats the purpose of listing your home on MLS.  Buyer's agents will expect to be paid a fee if they bring you a Buyer.  REALTORS that are representing Buyers are your best source for landing a BUYER!

Can I list my house on MLS?

No, only REALTORS have access to the MLS.

How did Holmes Realty begin?

The concept began when our founder, a traditional real estate agent, saw how much equity in friend's and family's homes disappeared as the result of high real estate commissions.  

Believing that there was a way to deliver high quality services to the home owner, without taking a large part of their equity, she developed our Flat Fee system.

Will my agent will be licensed?

Yes!  We only work with fully licensed agents.  All our agents are members of the following associations.

         The National Association of REALTORS

         The Texas Association of REALTORS

         Greater Houston Association of REALTORS

What is the difference between Holmes and other "so-called" Flat Fee Companies?

With Holmes you are getting an unlimited MLS Listing that is valid until your home is SOLD.  You may cancel at any time and there is a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  Unlike other so-called flat fee companies who just put you on the MLS, and then say, "Good Luck!", we will also guide you through the sales process, contract negotiation and closing.

Is this program for "For Sale by Owners"?

Yes and No.  While you are free to sell your home on your own after listing with us, it has been our experience that most home owners don't know how to finalize and close their sale on their own once a Buyer is found.  With our service, you will receive our services to guide you through contract negotiation and closing the sale. 
How can you save me money as a homeowner?

Traditional real estate agencies charge a commission (usually 6%) that is based on the final sales price of the home.  The commission is equally split between the listing agent (3%) and the Buyer's agent (3%).  


With our system, you will only pay us $500 (plus $100 for use of our lockbox), and when your home is SOLD, you pay us .34% (.0034) as a transaction closing fee and 3% to the Buyer's agent, which could potentially save you thousands of dollars!!


So, by comparison:


With a traditional agent at 6% and a $100,000 home:

$100,000 x 6% = $6000 in sales commissions split equally between the listing agent and the buyer's agent.


With Holmes and a $100,000 in a typical transaction:

$500 listing fee to Holmes, plus $100 lock box fee, plus transaction closing fee of .34 percent ($100,000 x .0034 = $340) plus 3% to the Buyer'ôs agent ($100,000 x 3% = $3000) for a total of $3940.  That equates to a savings of $2060 versus a traditional agent at 6%!


What if I sell my home myself?

If you sell your home yourself, FANTASTIC!  You will have eliminated paying the Buyer Agent commission.  You have just saved even more money.  What could be better than that?  We will still be there to help you through the process if you want.

Can I sell land through this program?

Yes, absolutely.

Will I have to take phone calls from investors and lookyloos?

No.  All calls are answered by us.  You never have to be bothered at all hours of the night, answering calls by people who may not truly be interested in your home.

Can I advertise my own property?

Yes and we encourage it.  This way, you can avoid receiving the calls at work, or some other inconvenient time.  You may however wish to put your own phone number on the advertising.  This will increase the likelihood of you not having to pay a Buyer's Agent commission.

I previously had my home listed with an agent.  I did not feel that the description adequately portrayed my home.  With your program, can I write my own description?
Yes.  We will be happy to either write it for you, or you can write it yourself.

Will my agent bring me flyers?

No, but we will provide you with a template so that you can create your own.  

Will my agent host an Open House for me?

No, but an arrangement may be separately negotiated between you and the agent.  

What type of Internet advertising will I receive?

Homes in this program are advertised on the following websites:, MLS (accessible only by licensed Realtors), and one FSBO site.

Will you help me with the contracts and negotiating?

Certainly.  We will handle, advise, and guide you through the negotiating, contracts, amendments, and the entire closing process.  When we say we will be there for you through the entire process...we mean it.

Do I really only have to pay $500.00 to list my home?

We get this question a lot.  The answer is "yes".  You will only pay $500.00 to list your home and receive all the incredible services that we have described.  When your is SOLD, there is a .34 percent transaction closing fee.  If a Buyer's Agent is involved in the transaction, you will pay an additional 3% commission to the Buyer's Agent.  This is paid at the closing of your home out of the proceeds of the sale.


What's the Catch?

There isn't one.  The best way to fully answer any of your questions is for you to give us a call.  We can discuss the plan and answer any remaining questions for you.  There is absolutely no pressure for you to use our service.


Why don't you pressure me like other Real Estate Companies?

It's simple...we don't have to.  We believe this is the absolute best deal around.  If you would rather pay more for the same or fewer services, then call a real estate company.  We can recommend some.


How are fees paid?

At our meeting, you will pay $500.00 (plus $100 for use of our lockbox). The other .34 percent (transaction closing fee) is only paid at the time your home is sold!  This will be paid as a part of your closing costs.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Check, Money Order, Mastercard, Visa and Discover for the initial fee(s).  The transaction closing fee is paid by check to us by the title company at Closing.


How long until my home is on MLS?

We are usually able to come to your house the next day.  Our agent will list your house  (via Internet) before she or he leaves and give you a printed copy.


Is there anything else?

Well, perhaps just one thing...  When you sign up, and find out that everything is as promised, please tell other family, friends, and neighbors, about us.  We have built our company on the referrals from happy home owners, who have saved thousands.


Sounds GREAT!  How Do I Get Started?

Simply call us

1415 S. Voss
Suite 110-462
Houston, TX 77057


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