One Time Fee To List Your Home - lasts until Sold

All 21 points of marketing listed below are included in our upfront fee of $500.00

Why pay more for less experience and tools?


You need to sell your home! You are listed in the MLS via our laptop computer before we leave your home. Through this real estate database over 23,000 real estate agents and their buyers will know your home is for sale, get a detailed description of the property, see 6 photographs of your home, and know exactly what real estate commission you are willing to pay a real estate agent to bring you a home buyer – usually 3% of the sales price.

1.  Exclusive Right to Sell with Open Listing – With this rare type of property listing, you are able to benefit from being listed in MLS yet still sell your home as a "For Sale by Owner" and pay no real estate commission if your buyer has not used a buyer’s agent. Simply stated, if a home buyer comes to you while you are on our program, and that buyer is not working with a real estate agent, no matter how they found you – through the yard sign, one of the ads we build for you, or by referral – you pay no real estate commission! You’ll put that 3% buyer’s commission back in your own pocket. We won’t take it from you. A traditional real estate agent won’t give you that opportunity. If they set you up on a typical 6% commission, and there is no buyer’s agent present, the listing agent will just keep the whole 6% for themselves. This is way too much money to pay someone for just a few hours of work.

2.  Skillful Contract Negotiation Support – Whether your buyer comes with or without an agent, we will be there to offer you support with the contract. Our goal is to create an alliance with you that empowers you to a successful closing and the rewards of getting your house sold. Our guidance through the contract reveals many buyers' rights that may need to be revised to protect your interests. Our full time contract negotiators negotiate and offer support to around seventy-three contracts per week! Do you know any agents with that qualification?

3. – The world’s #1 home searching website, where we customize your “Showcase Home” ad with 6 photos, instead of the usual one or none, and add copy to promote the features of your property you feel are most marketable. You know more about your property than anyone else, including full-priced agents. You just need better tools to tell your story. is one of those tools. Because we produce an oversized ad which includes custom banner headlines, scrolling marquees, color, and large text, we make your ad stand out from all the competing ads, getting your property noticed in a crowded real estate market with a flashing sign rider - your home can not be missed so take your best front photo possible!. It’s this extra effort and creativity that makes us stand apart from all the other real estate agencies, traditional or discount.

4.  All other real estate companies’ websites – Your ad will appear on most large company and individual agent websites that search the MLS.  Your home will appear courtesy of Holmes Realty.

5.  Durable metal yard sign – We supply you with a real estate size sign with a professional finish. Our signs sport a very conservative logo that does not bring attention to the fact that you have a discounted listing. Unlike most of our competitors who don’t adhere to this same concern for your privacy, we don’t alienate the traditional agents that are bringing your buyers.

6.  Strategy Advice – Along the way, you may need strategy help. We have a strategy department that can also give you one-on-one help.

7.  Comparable Marketing Analysis – Pulled from the sold listings in one of the multiple listing services (upon request but at no additional charge).

8.  Purchase and Sale Agreement – The Texas Association of Realtor’s form and all addendums that are needed to make your closing go smoothly. We will even assist buyers (not working with agents) fill out and submit the agreement when making their offer - keeping them from seeking agent representation and saving you the buyer’s agent commission!

9.  Opportunity to Upgrade to more advertising – Occasionally, you just need a little more exposure, or you may want to put a marketing idea into action. Our strategy department can supply support.

10.  We can show your home when you can’t – When you are not available to show your home to a buyer that has not hired an agent, we can show the home for you. Ask for details.

11.  Add your home to,, and

12.  One of our skilled listing experts will visit your home when you are ready to list to evaluate your selling strategy with you on how to stay on target in the home selling process.

13.  24/7 customer support - with a secret seller customer support website that will keep you in the loop and out of trouble. You will find tips on what to do next, forms that you need, and ideas that you have never thought about implementing before. Superb customer service for $500.00 is our motto in our office, and we mean it!

14.  Pre-Qualify your buyers. We can pre-qualify your buyers through our preferred lender before they buy your home. 

15.  Rent or Lease-Purchase your home. At anytime that you want to offer other options to the market, you can add that on to your strategy.

16.  Flyer template - create your own flyer from our template where true value is exposed to the public while you tell your story. Many helpful hints are on this flyer template.


17.  Customized Ads on every tool we use. We customize the MLS,, other agent's websites, and our "For Sale by Owner" sites. We consider the upfront fee as payment to advertise your home.


18.  Price, text and commission changes are no charge. 


19.  Get feedback on all of your showings with our automated system.


20.  100% Money Back Guarantee.  Ask for details - some rules apply.


21.  At closing, we charge a small fee of .0034 (1/3 of 1%) of your sales price as a transaction closing fee. This is only paid when your home sells!



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